Wednesday, August 3, 2011

a rainbow cake? sure, why not!

I only have one sister. Thank God, because she is more than enough. Ha! She only has one child. My niece, McKenna. I love her so much. Her birthday is June 25th. This year she was just having a small birthday/sleepover with her friends. The first birthday I wouldn't be invited too :-(  So I called Kenna on the phone and said "well since you don't want to invite me to your party, would you like me to make you a cake and I can give you your present at my house?" and she said "yes!". 

Here is how the rest of the story went down:

Me - What kind of cake do you want?
K - Um, can you make me a rainbow cake? My aunt ____ was supposed to make me one last year but she didn't.
Me- What? A rainbow cake? How am I supposed to do that?
K - I don't know. But I really want one.
Me - Ok since I'm your favorite aunt ever, I guess I will try.

So I google'd rainbow cakes and every single recipe was way too much work for me. I used my imagination and a food coloring guide for how to make the colors of the rainbow. I picked up a box of regular white (or maybe yellow) cake mix, food coloring, and white frosting from Walmart. I got home and began working on it...

After I took it out of the oven and tried to flop it over to my cake plate thingamajig, it started to fall apart :-( I even sprayed the crap out of it with Pam.  So anyways...I used my imagination again and just chopped some of the cake off and shaped it into guessed it, a rainbow!!

I may not be Betty Crocker, or Martha Stewart, but what mattered the most to me is that I tried. And McKenna absolutely loved it. She was so happy that I had made her a rainbow cake!

She really wanted her 2 front teeth
for her
We got her a tote, bathing suit,
sunglasses, bracelets and nail polish!

I really do love my niece so much. I have always treated her like she is one of mine and I try to include her as much as possible. I am her favorite Aunt Ally. 

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