Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day of Birth, baby #3

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February 17th was my due date. My doctor thought I could possibly have an 8 pound baby because of how I was measuring, carrying, etc. Em was 7 lbs 0 oz and Z was 7 lbs 5 oz. I had to get induced with my first baby and it was 28 hours of pure hell (story coming soon). Z was much easier, no pitocin and a very smooth and easy labor. I did not want to be induced. But Alan and I went ahead and scheduled for Colton to be induced on his due date (which was a Wednesday) and hoped he would come out before then. He did not. Stubborn little thing!

My big kids stayed the night at my mom and dads the night before Birthing Day. Alan and I made sure we had everything ready for the hospital and we went to dinner together and then came home to sleep. I think we were both so anxious to meet our baby boy that neither one of us slept much. We woke up at 4am and I showered, fixed my hair and makeup and off we went to be checked in by 5:30am.

I forget how huge I was!!
They got me changed into my gown and got me started on the drip (Pitocin) around 6:30am.

I brought sexy back!

He wore this all day long!

Things were going pretty good. Alan and I were just talking and watching the machine (the one for the contractions and the baby's heartbeat). Around 8am the doctor came in and broke my water. Holy crapoly, this was horrible! With the other 2, my water broke on its own. This doctor put a little finger condom on that had spikes on it. For real! It took him two times before he finally broke my water. I was crying from the pain.  Around noon I wasn't really progressing. I was still having really bad contractions, but I wasn't dialating. Like at all. I think I was stuck at a 6. I really don't remember. (P.S. I do not do epidurals). The whole time I was in labor, I was burning hot. They had to bring in 2 fans for me (this is the reason why Alan had his coat on the whole time. Ha!). My mom brought the kids up around noon. Zack was so concerned for me when I would have a contraction, he rubbed my back a few times and got me a cold washcloth. My daughter said she would never have a baby, lol. My grandparents came up. And Alan's mom and dad also. Around 1:30pm the doctor came in and said "do you want to get prepped for a c-section? The baby is kinda stuck in your pelvic area and you are not progressing like we would like you to be" and I said "is Colton in any kind of trouble or stress? am I ok?" and he said that everything was ok. So I told him that I wanted to get up and walk around and take a shower and see if I could do anything on my own to get dialated. Alan and my nurse helped me into the shower. I stayed in there and walked around for about 45 minutes. The nurse had me get back in the bed to get hooked back up to the monitors and she wanted to check me again. I was at an 8! And from there things went rather quickly. Around 3:10ish, the doctor came back and checked me and I was at a 10 and it was time to push. It didn't take me very long to push, but it was hard work. I was exhausted. Finally, at 3:44 pm, Colton James entered this world with a very quiet cry. And I remember Alan and the doctor saying "he isn't a very small boy!" and then the doctor put him on my chest so I could see him and Alan got to cut the cord. Then the nurse took him to weigh him and measure him and clean him off.

February 17, 2010 @ 3:44pm

He was 9 lbs 9 oz and 22 inches long!  My biggest baby ever. He was huge! I mean look at those feet. No wonder I was having breathing problems towards the end of my pregnancy. I didn't have diabetes, I was never really swollen or anything. Seriously, the only problem I ever had was with my sciatica nerve from about 32-33 weeks until delivery. I was so happy to be a mom again. I love babies.

A few of my favorite pics from the day.
I can see the LOVE they all had for Colton.
 Family and friends came to see us (well Colton mainly) Wednesday evening and Thursday during the day. They released us that evening and we were home by 7pm on Thursday night. It was so nice to be home with my family of 5.


lesley said...

Holy moly lady! I commend you on not having an epidural. And a 9lb+ baby! You are one tough cookie! Congrats on that delivery!

Alice said...

I let my fear of needles (and the thought of it going near my spine) outweigh my fear of pain. Haha!