Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Whoa, baby #3...part 2

Go here to read Part 1 if you missed it...

After the initial shock wore off that I was possibly most likely pregnant, I went to Walmart to buy a test. I didn't say anything to anyone. Not even Alan. I was so scared. I know this is so wrong to say but I didn't want another baby. My older 2 were practically out of the house (being sarcastic!). For reals though they were doing things like laundry, dishes, etc on their own. I was able to leave them at home for small amounts of time to go run errands and what-not. Start over with a baby. I can't!

I took the test and 2 lines appear. I am pregnant. I did what any rational person would do in this situation, I curled up in to the the fetal position while I cried and sucked my thumb. Then I remembered that I was older this time (as in no longer in high school or college), I was in a relationship (somewhat committed, ha), and I had a decent paying job. Maybe I can do this. Maybe I can have another baby.

I peeled myself off of the bathroom floor so I could go wake Alan up to show him what we had in store. I think he cried too. He was already fathering my older 2 kids and I think he was a little shocked that he could possibly parent his own.  We both decided to wait until we were in the 2nd trimester before we told the kids and our families.

18 weeks, we found out the baby was a boy!

E & Z were so excited about the baby. The grandparents were not so excited at first, but after getting over the initial shock, they started to be really happy about being grandparents again.

26 weeks

I had a fairly easy pregnancy, I am very fortunate to not really have morning sickness, etc. And I even continued to do Zumba up until I was about 33 weeks pregnant. I had to quit going because of how bad little man messed with my sciatica nerve :-( I only gained 27 lbs with him though.

Day of birth to be continued in Part 3...

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