Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Watch him on Wednesday #2

a nerd, race car driver, and magician
This year for Halloween we went to my best friends house to Trick or Treat. The neighborhood was crazy busy. But the kids scored a lot of candy. That next day, I decided to make them pick out 10 of their favorites and then put the rest in a bag to take to their classrooms and also some for my belly.
Anyways, the kids dumped their candy out in the living room while baby boy was still awake and he decided he wanted to pick out some of his favorites too.
I think the big kids are fighting in the background during some of it. Em is a stealer of anything sugar related and kept taking Z's gum. I also cannot hold in my laughing. It's just so funny to watch some of the things that Colton does.
**No babies were harmed in the making of this video. Maybe a few suckers, but no babies. He did almost choke on a piece of unopened candy because he shoved the whole thing in his mouth, but that is what big brothers are for, right?**

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Watch him on Wednesday...#1

I liked the idea that Ryan with Pacing the Panic Room does of his daughter Tessa. I think he does her videos on Tuesday's.

So anyways, I decided to start a series of Colton. I will record him for 2 minutes and 30 seconds doing whatever. My house will probably be a mess in the background. In this one you see unfolded laundry on the ottoman, a bottle thrown on the floor, etc. But oh well...don't judge me! I also will not be adding music or anything to them. So you will hear his screeching and squeals. And probably Z & Em talking or me hollering for everyone to be quiet in some of the videos. LOL!

He hasn't been in his walker in awhile. He crawled over to it and pulled himself up so I put him in it. Then he walked into the living room. He kept bouncing around and being silly, so I grabbed my camera and started recording. I love the drool that keeps coming out of Colton's mouth. And the "talking" he is doing. And don't worry...I got him out at the end.

Hope you enjoy...

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I'm behind...

I have a few things to blog about...but like everyone else who is alive, working, and with children, I am busy!!

But just a sneak peek of what is to come:

a 10th birthday party involving a lot of paintballs and some bruises!!

The fair...yummy food (greasy and fattening of course), rides, and lots of people watching :-)
Also, I am thinking about starting a video blog of baby boy (or my big kids if they want to participate). It would be one day a week of just him (or them) doing whatever it is they want to do. I got this idea from Pacing the Panic Room. Amazing blog, you must visit it.

I will leave you with this picture of my sweet baby boy and his cute little teeth.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I'm Watering....

You have to read this: to understand my title. I am following #2.

I have only wrote TWO blogs and already feel as though I have hit a "writer's block" (and #9). Oh no!

Let's see...we made the decision to help out our friend's by keeping their almost 3 yr old Golden Retriever. We like dogs! But I didn't think about how mobile Colton is becoming when I said "yes, let us keep your dog!". It quickly taught me that I do NOT want a dog while having a young child. She is a great dog and I'm sure she is going through a lot with our friends moving and not really knowing what is going on. But she sure did like Colton being down on the floor! And his toys! And milk duds out of our candy bowl. And cleaning our glass door with her tongue. And jumping up on our bed wanting to sleep with us. So needless to say her trip at our house was cut short. She came Friday night and left Monday night. I felt like the crappiest friend ever when I said it wasn't going to work out. But luckily she is able to go stay with her "grandma" in Arkansas.

Football is in full swing! It has been for awhile now...we go Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday for practice. And our game day is Saturday! Zack LOVES football! He says that he will one day play for OSU (no matter how much grief he gets from some of our family, eh eh Uncle Jeff), then he wants to join the Army, get out and play for the NFL. Then he wants to open a Taco Stand! He loves Tacos & Burritos! Our team just recently had a McPlayer's Night at McDonald's to help raise some more money for our team, we raised over $400! We already have some wonderful sponsors such as: Forest Ridge Tag Agency, Toni Johnson Salon & Spa, Cakes Galore, PT Enterprises, Tint Tek Auto, Hillenburg Oil Company, Tulsa National Bank, Joseph Enterprises, Darrell Wear (Chinowth & Cohen), and Smith All-Fab! We really appreciate our sponsors! It takes a lot of the costs off of the parents and allows us to do so much more for our boys.

This year my daughter decided to not take dance :-( she has taken dance since she was 3 years old. Alan and I have already mentioned the Recital, which is always in May, to just have her shoot us down by saying "I'm not in dance this year". Ugh! She chose to try Gymnastics, which she really likes so far. My niece is also taking Gymnastics with her. Emilee is also doing band. She is playing the flute. And man, I am so thankful that I am not the 6th grade band teacher. LOL!

Colton is almost 7 months old. That means he is just 5 months away from his FIRST birthday! Where has the time gone for my last baby? Why does it go soooo fast? As I mentioned earlier...he has become mobile! He army scoots everywhere! He is really fast in his walker...he loves to ram into my legs while I am cooking. And he is starting to pull up onto the couch, chair, our legs, etc to stand up! Oh. My. Goodness. I am not ready for him to walk yet!

We have some fun events coming up in the next few weeks. A high school football game. Bunco. A 10th birthday party. School events. And hopefully some relaxing (haha) time to spend with family and friends in the midst of this crazy life!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Busy usual!

I don't know how I would survive if our weekends were uneventful!

Friday night was Bunco. Lis was hosting it at my house, so I was busy cleaning up once I got home. I sent Zack to football. Emilee had a friend over. And Colton was just hanging out watching me run back and forth. I love bunco, and I love my girlfriends that I play bunco with! Even though I wish we could get together more often, it is so nice to know that once a month I will get to hang out with them.

Saturday morning we were up bright and early getting ready for Colton's 6 month photo shoot. My wonderful friend, Sherri, who happens to also be an amazing photographer does our family photos. When Colton was born we bought her Baby Photo Package. It includes Newborn, 3 month, 6 month, 9 month, and his ONE year photos! It was an awesome deal! I highly recommend her if you ever need photos of your family! You can find her on Facebook, Sherri Scarpa Photography. I desperately needed to go to Walmart, so while Colton napped and the kids played, I ventured out to go grocery shopping. They are remodeling the one I go to, and I hate it even more now because I don't know where everything is. I did plan for 3 dinners this week, which is good considering we have football Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday night. We are trying Pioneer Woman's 'Crispy Yogurt Chicken'. Along with making PW's 'Italian Drip Beef', a favorite at my house, and Dorito Mexican Casserole. After returning home from Walmart, we loaded up the kids and went to Alan's parents house to visit and eat dinner. I was in bed by 9:30pm on a Saturday night...I am so old.

Sunday we overslept and missed church :-( but we needed the sleep. Once we woke up, we made breakfast and did laundry. I was having problems with getting the big kids to do what they were asked to do. They were told to brush their teeth and get dressed. Two very simple things. I went to check on them 45 minutes later and they were still in PJ's with 'death breath'. So now they no longer have a TV in their room, until they earn them back. I just wish they would listen to me the first time. It would make things easier on them and on me. Finally they were ready to go and we headed out to a good friend's 5th birthday party for a round of Miniature Golf!

It was a busy, but enjoyable, weekend! We are looking forward to this week!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I want to be home! Don't get me wrong, I love my job. I have a wonderful boss and amazing coworkers. I'm able to take care of my family financially (well, I mean, at least I try). I am very grateful to have a job because ssssooooo many people do not have one. I am fortunate to have a house, air conditioning, food, vehicle, phone, cable, and the other important necessities. I know how lucky I am. But it still doesn't stop me from wanting to be home. My heart aches EVERY single day that I leave my baby boy, Colton, to head to work. It is so hard on me.

There are so many things I could do during the day while Colton naps. I'd be able to start preparing dinner. Then we would be able to sit down and enjoy a meal as a family instead of shoving food down our throats while we are running out the door for football, gymnastics, school events, etc....I think you can probably get that we are BUSY BUSY BUSY! I could get the laundry done during the day so I wouldn't have to start a load at 10 o'clock at night. And then maybe it would actually be put up where it belongs instead of staying in the ottoman for 3 days.

I would love to be able to take (and pick up) my daughter, Emilee, who is now a 6th grader to school every day. Then I could spy on her to make sure no boys are trying to kiss her and that she isn't getting picked on by an 8th grade bully! I could take my 4th grader, Zackary, to school and make sure isn't chasing any girls around and I could volunteer my time more often to his class. After dropping them both off, I would be able to go back home with my sweet, 6 month old, baby boy and rock him back to sleep while snuggling with him.

I really could be a stay-at-home mom, really I could! At least until my baby turns 3. I feel like I rarely get to spend any time with my babies. And they are all growing up way too quick. I work Monday thru Friday from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm, including driving to and from work and lunch, I am gone 45 hours a week. That's a long long long time.

Fortunately, Colton is able to stay at home with his crib, toys, etc. because he has his very own nanny. And luckily for me, she sends me pictures, doesn't complain about me calling her (well at least not to me), and takes care of my baby. Just like my sister, Ami, did when she kept him for awhile. The series of pictures that she sent me the other day are what prompted me to write this blog.

Anyone who wants to pay our bills and feed my family so I can stay at home, please feel free to message me! LOL ;-)