Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Watch him on Wednesday #2

a nerd, race car driver, and magician
This year for Halloween we went to my best friends house to Trick or Treat. The neighborhood was crazy busy. But the kids scored a lot of candy. That next day, I decided to make them pick out 10 of their favorites and then put the rest in a bag to take to their classrooms and also some for my belly.
Anyways, the kids dumped their candy out in the living room while baby boy was still awake and he decided he wanted to pick out some of his favorites too.
I think the big kids are fighting in the background during some of it. Em is a stealer of anything sugar related and kept taking Z's gum. I also cannot hold in my laughing. It's just so funny to watch some of the things that Colton does.
**No babies were harmed in the making of this video. Maybe a few suckers, but no babies. He did almost choke on a piece of unopened candy because he shoved the whole thing in his mouth, but that is what big brothers are for, right?**


Mom Mayhem says: said...

Very cute video -Love all the costumes too! BTW I think I have the same bowl :)

Alice said...

My mom made the race car driver costume. And she made the magician's cape, belt, and bowtie. My daughter did her own!

Walmart bowls...4 for like $5 I think. LOL!