Thursday, October 7, 2010

I'm behind...

I have a few things to blog about...but like everyone else who is alive, working, and with children, I am busy!!

But just a sneak peek of what is to come:

a 10th birthday party involving a lot of paintballs and some bruises!!

The fair...yummy food (greasy and fattening of course), rides, and lots of people watching :-)
Also, I am thinking about starting a video blog of baby boy (or my big kids if they want to participate). It would be one day a week of just him (or them) doing whatever it is they want to do. I got this idea from Pacing the Panic Room. Amazing blog, you must visit it.

I will leave you with this picture of my sweet baby boy and his cute little teeth.


BoomerSooner said...


Elle said...

Look at his little teefers. Oh, he's so precious.
I love Alan's bruise. Hahaha. Z Dub's cake is SO COOL. Way to go, Super Mom!