Thursday, May 5, 2011

buh bye curls :-(

Emilee wanted a haircut and feathers. At least when I made her an appointment she wanted feathers. A couple days before her appointment she informed me that she wanted some color card thing.  My hair-girl Lindsey got her in earlier than expected due to a cancellation and unfortunately she didn't have any of the color that Emilee wanted. So she just got a cut. 

And so did my baby!  She wasn't supposed to cut that many of the curls off.  I thought I said not to.  Maybe I did say to cut the back.  Only because it looked like a mullet and when it was wet it went right in between his shoulder blades. Haha! But I loved his curls.

bye sweet curls :-(

And now I am having "buyers remorse" because I want to take back his haircut and return it for the curls.  He looks older now without the curls. He still has wavy hair. But the curls are gone for now. I bet we will just shave it off this summer anyways. Maybe. I don't know if I will be able to, but I'm sure his daddy will try to.

the curls are gone :-(

I know it's just hair. And he has had a haircut before. But this just makes me sad.

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