Tuesday, April 5, 2011

FAILING! haha :-)

I am already failing at my weekly menu. I just want to be WINNING like Charlie Sheen.

We had a busy weekend!  My daughter turned 12 and she forced me to take her, 2 of her friends, and my niece to the mall on Saturday. I was tortured for 4 hours!! No joke! Did I mention how much I hate the mall? Well I do! Being pleasantly plump (muffin top galore), short (not even 5'2"), and large in the chest area makes trying on what I think would look cute majorly depressing.

Anyways...on to the menu. Food: the main reason why I'm a fatty!

Tuesday - Breakfast for dinner! Breakfast burritos with hashbrowns.
Wednesday - Crockpot Lasagna (I'll do a step-by-step post in the next few days), salad, bread.
Thursday - Beef Taco Burgers, Tortilla Chips with Guacamole (yum!)
Friday - I get to eat at TeKei's for Leslie's Bachelorette Party so Alan and the kids are on their own!
Saturday - Crockpot Lemon Chicken, rice, veggies. (Have you tried the Steam Fresh kinds in the frozen aisle? I just tried one the other day, it was Asparagus, Carrots, & Corn. I could have eaten the whole bag by myself! They were yummy.)

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Katie said...

YOU ARE NOT PLEASANTLY PLUMP! You are a hot milf! Rock that FUPA and be proud!