Friday, March 11, 2011

SUYL - Happy 1st Birthday!

Photo by Sherri Scarpa Photography

I am linking up with Kelly's Korner to show you Colton's 1st birthday party!! We had a big party planned for Saturday, February 5th at a Community Center, which would have given us lots of space for the 80+ people that we love (and invited). Unfortunately the blizzard came and we had to cancel his party. They wouldn't have another opening until March 14th so we decided to go ahead and do a family-only party on the 19th (2 days after his first birthday).

We did a "Monster" theme and I think it turned out wonderfully!

**I'm getting really mad at blogger in regards to uploading this is all I am posting for now. Any ideas where I can create collages?***

I may not be the best party planner, but I absolutely love coming up with ideas for my kid's birthdays. My daughter has had a bowling party, American Idol party, an updo/nails and fancy restaurant party, and a swimming party at a hotel. My other son has had a bike party (I should have given bandaids as the favors), a campout party (so much fun, they even slept in tents), and his most recent was a paintball party. Now I have to go search for pictures from Em and Z's first birthdays.


Tatiana said...

He is such a cutie!

amanda torres said...

Such a doll!

For creating collages, download picasa. It's free and allows you do lots of editing. Pretty easy to use.

christine donee said...